Beyond The Eyes, Inc., (BYTE)  is a nonprofit organization established in 2007.


Our organization is a merging of two support groups that started convening approximately 6 years ago: the African American Males blind and Visually Impaired Vocational Support Group and the Women with Vision. These two met weekly at the New Jersey State Joseph Kohn Rehabilitation Center.


These groups were established by a rehabilitation counselor and a public information specialist.  Two blind and visually impaired consumers, Dan Brown and Diane Robinson, led their prospective groups for encouragement and direction to the underserved black and Hispanic community as well as other ethnicities and their families that see the need and can provide hope or need assistance.


Beyond The Eyes believes that together, we can live a productive life individually and collectively make an impact on society and maintain dignity, confidence, joy and peace in whatever career goals or life directions he or she chooses. 


Using assistive technology is a stepping stone, but there are many avenues in which all people, regardless of their current situation, have value and creative juices within, and can and should contribute to society’s advancement.  

'We work to fortify the group’s atmosphere of fellowship, sharing pain, hope and joy. Because pain shared is pain cut in half, but joy shared is joy doubled.


We hold these truths to be self evident that all people are created equal.